The Quad-Sink Promotes Community Wellbeing

As the leading provider of well-built, high-volume, and portable hand washing stations — the Quad-Sink provides governments and municipalities the ability to scale for events, provide valuable access to hand washing, and avoid costly renovations by incorporating the affordable, portable Quad-Sink into their city.

Each Quad-Sink contains four individual sink stations with a completely touchless faucet, soap and paper dispenser. Quad-Sinks provide high volume capacity (120 uses every 10 minutes), social protection barriers, wheels for easy transport, and simple water hook-up. They also provide custom branding, providing your city an aesthetically pleasing and healthy way to increase civic pride.

The City of You
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High Volume

120 uses in 10 minutes, 720 uses in an hour

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Increase civic pride with custom graphics 

whiteEasily Accessible copy


Wheels allow for quick and easy portability

whiteEasy Install copy


 Provides up to 6,000 uses before refilling paper towels and soap

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Four individualized sinks for the price of one


Simple Hook-Up

Tank-less with simple electric & water connections

Success Around the Corner: The Quad-Sink Enhances Ohio Turnpike Experience

Over the past two years, the Ohio Turnpike has integrated the Quad-Sink into their service plazas, offering enhanced access to hand washing in food courts and high-traffic areas. These custom branded Quad Sinks fit seamlessly into their environment, providing a high-volume, sustainable means for travelers to conveniently have access to cleaner hands. Explore the photos below and see the Quad-Sink in action!


The Many Homes of the Quad-Sink:

The Quad-Sink integrates seamlessly into many environments, providing valuable access to hand washing when it's needed most. This makes the Quad-Sink the perfect fit for any of the following situations:

  • Indoor or Outdoor Special Events (Homecoming, 4th of July Celebrations, Farmers Markets)
  • Recreation Centers
  • Capacity adjustments to reduce bathroom congestion
  • Sporting event centers or public use land
  • Public Parking
  • Rest Areas
  • Public Parks
  • Food Courts/Outdoor Dining Areas

The Quad-Sink works perfectly as a temporary solution for high traffic situations, or as a more permanent fixture in lieu of costly building renovations. Explore all our different options today!

Youngstown Health Department
Youngstown Parks and Rec
The City of You
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Leonard Kirtz High School

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