Build Healthy Communities with the Quad-Sink

1,000,000% yes that Fairs and Festivals are a great place for a QuadSink.
You're touching animals in petting zoos, touching ride handles, benches, other people, exhibit items, and so much more. Finally, you are now using your hands to touch your food and eat it. Everything you touched just went in. your. mouth!
Of course the bathrooms or porta potties aren't exactly the nicest or the cleanest and next thing you know all hell breaks loose as teenagers flood in getting pictures in front of the bathroom mirror and kids start crying and there is no place to set your bag cause all the sink counters are wet....
Anyways, if that doesn't convince you then the facts are below showing why the Quad-Sink is the best solution for high volume public health and hygiene.
Fairs Quad-Sink

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When it comes to the Quad-Sink, we try to make sure you have all of the information to make the best decision possible. Simply select a time to meet on a commitment-free zoom meeting with one of our founders, Holly Swartz.

We use this time to talk through your needs and if we are the right fit for you as well as answer any questions that you or your team may have.

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