Casino, Shows, and More Can Address Customer Pain Points Regarding Hygiene with the Help of the Quad-Sink

Your customers are experiencing all the joys that you have to offer them as a business in the entertainment industry. Now more than ever, sustainable health measurements for our communities are a higher priority.

The Quad-Sink is the leading provider of well-built, high-volume, and portable hand washing stations designed specifically for use in high volume areas. The most effective way to keep your customers and staff healthy is through hand-washing with soap and warm water (cdc). Learn more about the Quad-Sink here!

Hand Hygiene Solutions for Hotels & Casinos

You've worked hard and it is time for a break, so you book a well deserved trip to Vegas. It's all fabulous; you have fun going to shows and playing the slots, but you forget to do one crucial thing... wash your hands. Sounds silly, but then you remember that Vegas sees an average of 42.5 MILLION visitors a year and only about 5% of people wash their hands correctly... so now you are touching handle bars, money and poker chips that 80 million icky hands have touched... But then you see it, the glorious and attractive Quad-Sink smack dab in the middle of the Casino (and no we are not overselling it, it really is that awesome). You wash your hands and avoid bringing home those germs so you can focus on bringing home the bacon.
Anyways, if that doesn't convince you then the facts are below showing why the Quad-Sink is the best solution for high volume public health and hygiene.
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